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COVID 19 Update

Please remain assured that our team are still here for you.


  • Please let us know if you or anyone on your farm is self-isolating or showing COVID symptoms or has had a positive test, so we can take appropriate steps to protect our team and other clients.

  • Our office is closed to visitors. If you require any medication please give us as much warning as possible. Our med delivery service is still running as normal, but staff are working from home more than usual.

  • Please maintain social distancing on farm. If we need to be in closer contact with you, we have PPE with us. Please don't be offended if we ask you to wear some too. 

  • Health planning and health discussions/prevention protocols will continue over the phone or over zoom; whichever you prefer.

  • TB Testing: if we are unable to social distance whilst testing animals under 6 months of age, we can submit these as untested. Please speak to us if this is a concern for you.

Access BVD Funding to become BVDFree

1) Contact us to register your interest and book into one of our meetings.

2) Attend group meeting to explain how the scheme works and why we want to eliminate BVD.

3) Vet visit 1 and 'check test' blood samples taken. All funded via the scheme.

4) Vet visit 2 to discuss results and steps to take next with biosecurity plan for protecting your herd.

5) Final group meeting to discuss experiences and to share advice on going forwards.

Please contact us via phone, email or via our website to register your interest.

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Upcoming Meetings

Due to COVID restrictions, we are only running virtual meetings, and unfortunately less of them due to reduced demand at this time.

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