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Farmer Workshops

Milksurefor dairy farmers looking at reducing the risks of milk residues and improving efficiency of medicine usage. 

Training is in 2 parts:

Part 1: Works best in a group of farmers; either the farm team or at one of our meetings.

Part 2: Farm specific looking at reducing the risk of milk residues and support sitting the online test.

Red Tractor Approved Medicine Workshop:

Next course date: 

This covers safe handling, administration and recording of medicines on farm and your legal responsibilities when handling medicines. Help improve your medicine knowledge and reduce your medicine bill.

Lambing Workshop:

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Covers care of the pregnant ewe and the newborn lamb and prevention of problems. Practical session and discussion on lambing techniques and when to call the vet.

Calving Workshop

Covers safe handling and restraint of a cow for calving assistance and things to think about. Techniques to help manipulate the calf and when to call the vet.

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Dates will be run according to demand. 

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