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Emergency 24 hour cover.  


Routine visits for pregnancy scanning, castrating.


Nutrition advice and how to get the most from it.  


Fertility & Abortion investigations.


Bull Fertility Testing

Lameness Services including cow tipper


Infectious Disease Control. Action JohnesBVDfree.


Vaccination protocols tailored to your farming system.


Synchronisation programmes 

  • tighten your calving pattern

  • fixed time AI

  • embryo transfer


Youngstock rearing and management.


Parasite control programmes using COWS guidelines.  On site worm egg counts so we can give you same day results.


Post Mortem investigations. 


Herd health planning

  • Vetimpress

  • Myhealthyherd.

  • We want to help you be pro-active in disease prevention on your farm.

  • Flexible, interactive planning to deal with disease issues if they arise.

  • Cattle health schemes. CHeCS


TB Testing; government and private testing

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